Melanger is a typical running type mill with millstones in a modern production, equipped with electric drive and used for ingredients grinding: chocolate, urbech, marzipan, spices, sauces and others. The undoubted advantage of the mills of this type is a possibility of three processes uniting: grinding, mixing and conching product.

Melangers made by trade mark COLO have got laconic design, smart and adjusted construction provides long operating term in 24 hours operating process.


Granite polished millstones made of hard rocks of granite, which gives high resistance of rubbishing surfaces. The absentness in the construction the rubbing metal by metal provides ecological end product. Engine revs control is made by means of the frequency converter. All melangers are equipped by the gear for stones lifting for the conching regimen working.

Hard frame made of shaped stainless steel makes less the construction vibration and makes easy the process of maintenance. Polished millstones made of natural granite and gives high grinding quality and ecological end product. All melangers by our production are equipped by frequency converters which give smooth start, smooth stop and smooth adjusting of the cup revs.


Nominal operating capacity:5 liters
Max. operating capacity: 8 liters
Pressure stones pressing : 45 kg
Speed of cup revs: 0-96 revs per minute.
Power of electric drive: 0,55 kWt
Power supply: 220W/50Hz
Width : 555 mm
Length: 425 mm
Height : 630 mm
Weight: 55kg max.


Price: 52 000 hrn.

Term of production – 45 calendar days.


Nominal operating capacity:20 liters
Max. operating capacity: 25 liters
Pressure stones pressing : 130 kg
Speed of cup revs: 0-96 revs per minute.
Power of electric drive: 1,5 kWt
Power supply: 220W/50Hz
Width : 760 mm
Length: 590 mm
Height : 940 mm
Weight: 200kg max.


Price: 100 000 hrn.

Term of production – 60 calendar days..

Melanger is ideal for confectionery production, private chocolathe or chocolate boutique, production of ecological food. This is an excellent choice for the companies which work out the recipes and make cosmetic cures for face and body.

Vibrotable with horizontal vibration

Vibrotable is made of stainless steel and equipped with a block of smooth adjusting of engine revs. It is for the compressing of chocolate in the form.

Width : 210 mm
Deepness : 310 mm
Height : 150 mm
Power : 20 Wt
Material : Stainless steel AISI 304
Weight : 6,5kg max..


Price:: 3 500 hrn.

Constructive peculiarities and price can be varied depending on technical requires of the client.

The production term is 30 calendar days.. . . .

Melting bowl with wheel mixer

Melting bowl with the wheel mixer allows melt, tempererize and pour into the forms chocolate and confectionery glaze.

Machine is equipped by dry non- inertial warmer and electronic controller which provides the temperature control with a step in 0,1 degree centigrade. The gear of wheel mixer has the adjusting from 0 to 60 revs per minute.


Price: 27 000 hrn.

Frame material: AISI430
Bowl material: AISI304
Bowl capacity: 20 L max.
Width : 490 mm
Length : 610 mm
Height : 560 mm
Warmer power: 550 Wt
Electric drive power: 35 Wt
Electric supply: 220 W, 50 Hz
Weight : 27 kg.

Constructive peculiarities and price can be varied depending on technical requires of the client.

Prepay – 50%, 50% rest – after production (before the shipment).

The production term is 30 calendar days. .


Guitar is a device for string slicing of filling, sponge cake, marmalade, souffle, marzipan, ganache and other confectionery food. The basis of the guitar with a working flat 400x410mm is made of food stainless steel, thickness 4mm and provides the montage of easy removed frames with a string step 15 mm; 22,5 mm; 30 mm. for the removing sliced product from the guitar’s working flat the removing blade is foreseen.

Weight is 32 kg.

The production term is 30 calendar days. .


Price: 25 000 hrn.

Sprinkling bunker


Price in a basic equipment is : 25 000 hrn..

Sprinkling bunker is a box made of stainless steel, in the bottom there is rotating shaft with partitions for loose foods (linen seeds, sesame and so on) on the dough which goes under the bunker. Width of sprinkling is to 500 mm.

The shaft rotating is made by means of the gear motor. The sprinkling intensity achieves by changing of the shaft’s speed. The speed of shaft rotating is controlled by frequency converter.

Equipment peculiarities bunker’s price can be varied depending on client’s technical requirements.

The production term is 30 calendar days. .

Complex for sweets slicing

This complex is made for portion slicing of flat confectionery (candied roasted nuts, halva, praline and so on) of different forms: square, rectangular. Slicing is made by disc knives in longitudinal and transverse directions

Максимальная высота продукта: 20 mm
Ширина: 1100 mm
Длина: 3800 mm
Высота: 1150 mm
Размер поддона с продуктом: 600x600mm
Мощность электропривода: 3.0 kWt
Электропитание: 220/380 W, 50 Hz
Вес: 610kg.

The production term is 60 calendar days..


Price: 270 000 hrn.