We deliver out stuff in different ways by transport companies like “Autolux”, “Gunsel”, “Delivery”, “NovaPoshta”, “InTime”, “Euroexpress”, “SAT”. Moreover, customer has an opportunity to pick the product up by himself from the storehouse of finished products.

Delivery services

Логотип Укрпочты
“Ukrposhta” — delivers in Ukraine and abroad. Departments of “UkrPoshta” are present in any settlement of Ukraine.
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Логотип Новая почта
“NovaPoshta” — under urban logistic services. There are departments more than in 70 cities of Ukraine. Cargo transportation in large volume shave always been in priority.
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Логотип Ночной экспресс
“NightExpress” — Daily shipment to the desired city. Customer can pick the stuff up at any convenient time for him.
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Логотип Ин-Тайм
“InTime” — comfortable and fast cargo delivery in Ukraine. Delivers goods weighing from 100 grams to 10 tons to any locality of Ukraine. Customers are servicing by more than 200 representative offices.
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Логотип Автолюкс
“AutoLux” experienced company, that delivering stuff since 1998. This type of services was the first organized delivery – system in our country. There are 80 offices in 54 cities of Ukraine for sending and receiving goods at any convenient time for you.
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Логотип Гюнсел
“Gunsel” company founded in 1997. From the beginning of company the main purpose was safely and comfortable passenger transportation. With the help of frequent investments constantly expanding, create net-work that can cover all country.
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Логотип САТ
“SAT” urgently delivers goods from 5 grams to 5 tons with departure to the sender and delivery to the recipient's door in more than 250 settlements of Ukraine. A net-work of offices in 36 cities and daily runs allow you to deliver goods to the recipient in 24-48 hours.
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Логотип Деливери
Delivery the main mission is to provide companies with access to the wide strange of services, to ensure for each client, regardless of the size of the company and the volume of business, high standards of service.
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Логотип Мист Экспресс
MistExpress delivery to any point of Ukraine of documents, parcels, palettes. Delivery to the address or to supermarkets. Freight transport both in Ukraine and within the city.
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Логотип Пони Экспрессг
PonyExpress PonyExpress LLC is the official branch of the international brand PONY EXPRESS in Ukraine, which has been presented on the courier services market since 1992.
-StartofworkinUkraine - 2004;

  • -The number of directions of courier delivery in Ukraine and the CIS – more than 9000 settlements;
  • -The number of countries served - 218;
  • -Regional net-work - 6 offices in Ukraine, its own agent net-work in more than 38 cities of Ukraine.
  • -Representative offices in Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia;
  • -Own transport park;
  • -Availability of warehouse and production space.

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Логотип Карго Экспресс
CargoExpress LTD – provides express courier services for express delivery, courier transportation of parcels, packages, letters, other correspondence and cargo in the cities of Ukraine, the CIS and around the world.
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Логотип КСД
KSD - express courier services. About 80 branches in Ukraine.
There are branches in Chisinau, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Minsk.
Categories of shipments: "EconomyClass", "BusinessClass", "EconomyBusiness", "BusinessEconomy", "OffTime", "Strictlypersonallyinyourhands", "Strictlyat a specifiedtime", "PaymentbytheRecipient", "In- Out ”,“ OnDemand ”,“ Order ”,“ WithEstimatedCost ”,“ With inventory ”.

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Логотип Украинской почтовой группы
Ukrainian postal group - is a company dynamically developing in the market of freight forwarding services. Offers:

  • Fast and high-quality delivery of cargo.
  • Favorable tariffs and convenient payment system.
  • Free storage of goods in warehouses up to 3 days.
  • Quality packaging of various types of cargo.
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* Receipt of goods. For legal entities: upon receipt of the goods by any of the methods, you must have with you the seal of the organization or the power of attorney with the seal and signature. Otherwise we will not be able to transfer the order to you.